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10-Day Challenge

10-Day Challenge

85 pages

Discover your strengths, face your challenges, and start living the life you've always dreamed of with 'The 10-Day Challenge'. This book uniquely combines the wisdom of the Enneagram with practical goal-setting strategies, giving you an unparalleled guide to personal growth and achievement.

Each of us is a blend of strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and challenges. 'The 10-Day Challenge' helps you explore these facets of your Enneagram type, understand them, and more importantly, not let them hinder your progress in life.


Inside, you'll find a practical, step-by-step approach to setting clear, achievable goals. No more vague ideas or unfulfilled ambitions; instead, you'll learn how to map out a path to your dreams with clarity and precision.


But understanding and goal-setting are only the beginning. 'The 10-Day Challenge' pushes you to take that crucial next step: action. Starting today, starting now, you can embark on a journey towards the life you've always wanted.


This book isn't just about discovering who you are—it's about deciding who you want to be. Take the challenge, dive into the journey of self-understanding and goal setting, and start transforming your dreams into reality. Your adventure begins with 'The 10-Day Challenge'.

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