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On-Demand Certificate Courses

Are you looking for practical help you can use right now?  Need some encouragement to make it through your specific challenges?  Whether you're a person in need or someone who wants to help others, my "on-demand" coaching programs are designed for you.  Maybe you are a life coach, teacher, pastor, counselor, therapist, or just someone looking to gain a deeper insight into helping others, my on-demand programs are designed to meet your needs. They are suitable for anyone who wishes to apply the Enneagram to their personal and professional lives and are also great for those who seek personal enrichment.

                                   -Dr. Tom LaHue


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Sign up for my Twelve (12) Week "Present To Life" Coaching Package and get access to all of my On-Demand courses for FREE for one entire year!  Includes certificates.

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Upcoming Live Classes on Zoom

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What You Can Expect From Our Courses

What To Expect From The Course:


If you're interested in becoming an Enneagram coach, taking a course on how to be an Enneagram coach can have several benefits, including:


  1. In-depth knowledge: Enneagram coaching courses can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Enneagram system, including the nine personality types, their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.


  2. Coaching skills: You will learn the skills and techniques needed to effectively coach others, including active listening, asking powerful questions, and giving feedback.


  3. Business development: Our Enneagram coaching courses will help prepare you to build and market your own coaching business.


  4. Professional development: Develop your professional skills, including communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.


  5. Personal growth: You'll likely experience personal growth and self-discovery, which can be beneficial both personally and professionally.


  6. Client outcomes: You'll have the opportunity to help others achieve personal growth, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals, which can be incredibly rewarding.


  7. Networking opportunities: Connect you with a community of other coaches and Enneagram enthusiasts, providing opportunities for collaboration and learning from others in the field.


Taking a course on how to be an Enneagram coach can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to build a successful coaching business, make a positive impact on the lives of your clients, and continue growing and developing both personally and professionally.

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