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Coaching Plans Designed For YOU.
Transformation Starts Now!

Personalized Coaching Plans - For Individuals or Couples

As an experienced Enneagram and Relationship Coach, my mission is to support you in your journey of personal growth and improved relationships. My coaching plans are designed to meet you where you are and help guide you to where you want to be. I offer a variety of plans to accommodate varying needs and time commitments.  Questions? Email Dr. Tom


Single Appointment - $149 

(save $20)        NOW $129

Perfect for individuals trying to figure out their Enneagram type, or seeking immediate insights or advice, the single appointment offers a focused one-on-one session that allows you to address specific concerns or questions related to your Enneagram type, how to move forward from a difficult situation, or relationship help. These sessions are 55 minutes, giving you time to dive into any challenges or questions you have.


3-Week "Recharged Life" Coaching Plan - $447 

(save $77)        NOW $370 

Ready for a "Recharge?"

This plan includes three weekly (55-minute) sessions, providing a deeper exploration into your Enneagram type and how it affects your life and your relationships. Ideal for individuals facing a particular or specific issue or decision, the three-week plan allows for personalized coaching and strategies, with time to adapt and adjust as necessary.


6-Week "Renewed Life" Coaching Plan - $894  

(save $170)       NOW $724

Do you need a Renewed outlook on life?

Ideal for those who desire a broader exploration of their Enneagram type and its implications on their life and relationships. Over the course of six weekly (55-minute) sessions, we will delve into your strengths, challenges, and patterns in relationships, providing strategies for growth and improved relationships.


12-Week "Revitalized Life" Coaching Plan - $1,788  

(save $340)      NOW $1,448

Want some serious help?  We've got you covered!

With twelve weeks of one-on-one (55-minute) sessions, this plan offers a comprehensive exploration into your Enneagram type and your relationships. We will work together to deeply understand your motivations and fears, develop strategies to clarify and accomplish your goals, overcome challenges and build on your strengths. The extended timeframe allows us to measure progress and make adjustments to ensure you are continually moving forward and living your best possible life.


6-Month "Transformed Life" Coaching Plan - $3,874  

(save $820)     NOW $3,054

Are you ready for significant, long-term changes in your life?  

The ultimate commitment for the Highly Motivated person to set a life course for personal growth and improved relationships, the six-month plan offers the opportunity for significant transformation. Throughout the twenty-six weekly (55-minute) sessions, we will systematically uncover the intricacies of your Enneagram type, and work on strategies for clarifying and accomplishing your goals and developing healthier relationships. This extensive coaching journey allows us to delve deep into your personal and relationship growth, and make lasting changes.

All plans include a weekly one-on-one Zoom session with Dr. Tom LaHue, providing personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs. Together, we can work towards achieving a healthier understanding of yourself and your relationships.

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Explore the potential for personal transformation with our coaching programs.  Whether you're seeking personal growth, improved relationships, or enhanced professional performance, our Enneagram-based approach could be the catalyst you need to ascend to the next level. Connect with us today and start your journey toward transformation.

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"I have been able to integrate the more difficult parts of my story..."

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"I encountered Dr. Tom LaHue’s Enneagram and life coaching practice during a difficult transitional phase in my life. With a complicated trauma history and past struggles to build trust and rapport with helping professionals, taking the first step to reach out was overwhelming, to say the least. I was quickly put at ease by Dr. Tom’s compassionate, nonjudgmental demeanor and ability to bring levity to serious topics without being flippant or dismissive. Through the Enneagram and other practical tools, I have been able to integrate the more difficult parts of my story into a broader narrative of strength and resilience, embrace new possibilities, and be more present to life." 

                     -Amelia (Type 4)

"Instead of feeling fear and shame, he helped me realize that I belong to a group of millions of other wonderful people in this world who all share similar personality traits."

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Before I learned about the Enneagram, I used to feel as if I existed on two levels: 1) what the world got to see and 2) the burden of fear and shame I carried as a result of believing that I was somehow irreparable and shamefully & uniquely flawed.  

Through Dr. Tom LaHue’s teachings of the Enneagram, my eyes were opened to a new and positive way of understanding myself.  Instead of feeling fear and shame, he helped me realize that I belong to a group of millions of other wonderful people in this world who all share similar personality traits.  He helped me understand that I am not alone. Then, he helped me understand characteristics unique to my personality type and for the first time in my life, I was able to transform towards a healthier and happier existence. 

I’ve taken several of Dr. Tom LaHue's Enneagram courses and have also had several sessions with him as my Enneagram coach.  Each time I met virtually with Dr. Tom LaHue, he shared the Enneagram with kindness and in easy-to-understand terms, thus encouraging me to apply the Enneagram to my life.

I have had many experiences with psychology, as a client, a student, and as a coach.  It is my belief that without the Enneagram, forward movement through counseling and therapy can take years.  This is because other modalities of counseling often lack the unique application of theory to each person's personality type.  Combined with counseling, the Enneagram is able to approach each individual’s unique perspective of their world, according to their Enneagram type.  

Dr. Tom LaHue is gifted with wisdom.  He is dedicated to using his wisdom to bring personal healing to those in search of a better existence through understanding their unique personality traits.


The Enneagram has changed my life immeasurably and for the better.  Dr. Tom LaHue has helped this happen.  

                     -Michelle (Type 2).

                      Missionary to Kenya

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